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Image Clip w/Star of Life

Was: $1.50
Now: $1.00

SKU: imageclip-ems
Size: Fits all silicone wristbands


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These clips ''slide'' snugly onto any silicone wristband (adult or youth size) they are made of lightweight aluminum with a screenprinted full color image under a protective coating.

They really are VERY NICE and we wouldn't just say that. We, like many we know, weren't really ''in'' to the whole wristband thing until we came up with our THANK YOU BLUE band that we love.

At the risk of appearing TOO over the edge on a simple support wristband, we weren't sure about this product . . . . until we SAW THEM.

As soon as they arrive we'll take photographs of the real thing. We guarantee you won't be disappointed, these really look classy . . if we do say so ourselves.
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