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Thank You Blue Corp
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Donations made to Thank You Blue Corp are NOT tax deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

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Have you heard of LIVEstrongThe Lance Armstrong Foundation
Our goal is to sell more blue bands than they did yellow.
THAT would make them BLUE with envy!

One of the first things we put funds into was to join The 100 Club and get involved. We joined the Arizona chapter but the 100 Club is national. When our numbers go up in other locations we'll join them too. In general they provide immediate financial assistance to the families of officers, firefighters and other public safety responders when tragedy stirkes. Check out their web site at

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Another message from Kay Zahn: I didn't come up with this idea for the money (even tho it's a great way to raise money and that's what we decided to do) my husband and I have built a very profitable company that pays us well. That company ASI Communications, Inc. donated the money to produce the first 10,000 bands and covered the first three months worth of advertising and real expenses. It not only put up $12,000 cash to do those things, but office staff from one of ASI's companies (First Internet) provides the administration, shipping and tracking of orders. First Internet also provides all of the servers, hosting and bandwidth for our website. I personally -along with some very talented programmers who teach me new things everyday- develop the web site and manage the E-commerce . . . well ALL the commerce. I AM the sales department. So as you can see our overhead is currently kept at next to nothing.

In addition to the numerous Fund Raisers (to whom we provide wristbands at our cost for them to earn money for local needs) Thank You Blue has raised and paid out over $10,000 from online sales for individual Fund Raisers. We also have provided cash grants to many charities and organizations that help our Public Safety First Responders, all over the country.

We need to keep enough money from the sale of wristbands to pay for online advertising and the next order of bands. The rest is up to you. Help me get the message out and we'll make millions for charity. WHAT A CONCEPT ! I've been an entreprenuer all my life, but this is REALlY fun!.

Here are many of the Charities that we support. Please visit them and consider donating directly to their work. It makes the world a better place.

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Foundation (NLEOMF).

The 100 Club of Arizona.

The Firefighter Ministries.

The Officer Down Memorial Page

The National Association of EMTs (NAEMT).

The Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association

*Donations made to Thank You Blue Corp, are NOT tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.
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