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Thank You Blue Corp
is a Charitable Organization

Donations made to Thank You Blue Corp are NOT tax deductible for Federal Income Tax purposes.

Make a statement
without saying
a word.

Turn our BLUE wristband campaign into GREEN for your website
AND your Local First Responders

Do you have a website, blog, or other online communication that you'd like to link to our site? If so we'll pay YOU to send us buyers AND we'll help local agencies or groups on your behalf. A WIN WIN WIN program for all.
Thank You Blue Corp has partnered with IDevAffiliates on a program that will let you, help us, and get paid to do it. When you bring traffic to our website and they purchase any of our products, YOU will earn a commission. From 8% to 15% on sales of wristbands (that's 25 to 50 cents p/wristband sold) and a flat fee on other items, like Tshirts and Coffee Mugs, etc.

It's EASY - It's FREE and you can START TODAY!
If you have traffic, you will start earning fast. People WANT to share our message and our website CONVERTS visitors into supporters!
In addition we will pay an additional 25% bonus* to your choice of the approved fundraiser or charity in our support system. Basically these fundraisers and charities are "Affiliates" too but you can choose to direct our bonus donation to the group of your choice. This way you can feel good about getting paid to help us help them.

    So to Recap . .
  • We WIN - Saving money on advertising
  • You WIN - Earning cash to help manage your website
  • Local Fundraisers and Charities WIN
    - Getting 25% bonus overide from your commission.
  • People wearing ThankYouBlue wristbands WIN
    - Feeling good about showing support.

  • AND Finally . . most importantly . .
  • Police Officers, Firefighters and EMS First Responders WIN
    - Knowing there are people out here who appreciate what they do for a living.
Get more information on our new Affiliate Program NOW. Once approved, you log on to the affiliate control area (links will be provided via email) and get the code to place our predesigned banners or text ads on your website, your blog, in your email, or any other place you can reach people. (You can even promote offline, and send people to our site with a code to purchase on your behalf) These links will be coded to identify a visitor as your customer. You'll have access to your own statistics regarding traffic and purchase, commissions and other cool stuff.

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